Mirrored Walls and Bathroom Lighting

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What's the best lighting for a bathroom mirror that covers the wall?

Mirrored Walls and Bathroom Lighting

You're not satisfied with cheval bathroom mirrors or decorative mirrors with vines and filigree. You want mirrored closet and shower doors as well as sink and vanity bathroom mirrors that cover the walls. Bathroom light should complement your mirrors. You don't want a "funhouse" effect through too much glare or too many shadows.

Mirrors tend to make a room look more open, as does proper lighting. Recessed bathroom lighting with opaque or not-too-clear globes will spread bathroom light evenly. Angle the lighting to reduce glare and shadow. Halogen wall sconces make your mirrors shine and flatter your skin tones as you're applying makeup, dressing, and preparing today's budget speech all at once! You can see yourself clearly from every angle, and you'll love the effect.



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