Tropical Light Fixtures

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I like tropical motifs, can I use them in my bathroom lighting?

Tropical Light Fixtures

You just returned from Tahiti and want to keep that island feeling, even in your bathroom. Say "Aloha" to our tropic-inspired bathroom lighting ideas.

  • Choose recessed lighting for the ceiling as opposed to fluorescent glare, which doesn't work with the tropical theme.
  • Try bathroom light fixtures with rattan or bamboo shades.
  • Pair a table lamp with a bathroom mirror, bathbar and wall sconce such as the West Indies Wall Sconce.
  • Go Margaritaville with a tropical parrot lamp.
  • Add decorative mirrors with wicker or rattan trim.
  • Don't overwhelm your bathroom with dark colors, which make the room look smaller and cancel out all the gorgeous tropical bathroom light!

Now close your eyes, sip a Mai Tai and pretend it's not Monday in the city.



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