Lighting For Bathroom Wall Mirrors

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What's the best lighting for a bathroom mirror that covers the wall?

Lighting For Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Bathroom mirror giving you headaches? Maybe it's the lighting on or around your mirror. If you have decorative mirrors as well as bathroom mirrors that cover the entire wall, large lighting fixtures can be too much. For bathroom lighting placed above decorative mirrors, try bathroom light fixture housing that looks more contemporary or minimalist.

If your bathroom mirror spans the entire wall, or if you have a mirrored wall above the sink, track-style lighting above the mirror with GE Globe Bulbs (we prefer opaque), or Indoor Flood Light Bulbs your reflection, your reflection will look lighter and clearer. We like the chrome, brass or Broadway-style “bathbars” and light strips. So instead of dreading your morning face wash, you can be ready for your close-up!



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