Lighting Makeover for Mirrors

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How do I jazz up a plain bathroom mirror with light?

Lighting Makeover for Mirrors

You went all out with the bathroom fixtures and forgot to budget for the mirror, so you chose a simple beveled or plain glass mirror with no trim. You're not skimping on your bathroom lighting budget, which means you have a perfect chance to jazz up that plain mirror. Here are few ideas from our bathroom lighting guide: • Art deco bathroom light bathbar for a plain bathroom mirror

  • Crystal bathbars (such as the James R. Moder Princess design and sleek nickel-and-glass lights) around bathroom mirrors.
  • Wide Kathy Ireland cuatro wall sconces on opposite sides of the wall.
  • Bathroom light fixtures with metal vines.
  • Streamlined "side sconces" to fit the bathroom mirror.
  • Contemporary or "swoop" collection bathroom light wall sconces.

Tip: Bathroom light wall sconces should be 3 to 4 feet apart on the wall in order to light both sides of your face. A plain mirror or one with minimal trim can give you more freedom to experiment with lighting options. See, you didn't make a budget error after all!



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