Bathroom Ceiling Fans

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What do I need to know about bathroom ceiling fans?

Bathroom Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Guide: Cleopatra reportedly had attendants to fan her while she bathed in ancient Egypt. You can duplicate that effect with a Casa Jamaica Ceiling Fan or the Emerson Maui Bay Ceiling Fan, not to mention the Monte Carlo tropical-style ceiling fans. All of these models feature broad blades that look like the hand-held fans Ms. Cleopatra might have enjoyed.

Ceiling Fan Tip: Use a dimmer and subdued lighting to create an intimate effect. Before you turn your bathroom into a little piece of Egypt, look for a fan that's specifically designed for bathrooms. This goes for your outdoor veranda or pool area as well. You need a fan that's specifically UL-listed for wet or damp locations. Cleopatra had it easy. She never had to deal with electricity--of course, there were those pesky problems of running an empire and juggling Roman lovers. But hey, you're the queen or emperor of your own house, so you deserve that ceiling fan in the bathroom. Relax, kick back and have your spouse or partner peel you a grape!



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