Casual Decor, Dressed-Up Ceiling Fan

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I have modern casual decor, can I choose an elaborate ceiling fan?

Casual Decor, Dressed-Up Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Guide: Casual decor suits you and the trend in lighting is informal, but you want to add some pizzazz and frills, especially if you have an older home. You don't have to go for high-tech-looking modern ceiling fans. Antique brass Casablanca fans or Emerson ceiling fans have elaborate finishes and elegant light kits that accent a casual living room or den the way a diamond pendant adds glamor to a business casual suit.

Big blades and multiple downlights draw the eye and make the fan a centerpiece of the room. Scrollwork and elaborate iron work add classic, antique or Victoriana flair. Make sure the rest of the decor complements the finish, and supplement the ceiling fan light with ambient or recessed lighting. Now you're putting on the ritz.



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