The Bigger, The Better?

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What's the best fan size for a large greatroom?

The Bigger, The Better?

Ceiling Fan Guide: Size does matter, even in large rooms where you can feel free to install large ceiling fans. A midsize ceiling fan that doesn't descend too low is the ideal choice. N.B.: Those big Casablanca fans and Emerson ceiling fans can heat up a large room in winter faster than your thermostat. Large rooms can be 10-15 degrees hotter, since fans move warm air down from the ceiling. Bigger rooms still need ceiling fans to fit. Sample dimensions:

  • 225 square-foot dining room/kitchen: 50- to 56-inch ceiling fans
  • 144 square-foot bedrooms: 42- to 44-inch ceiling fans
  • 64 square-foot rooms: 32-inch ceiling fans

Remember to choose a pole that allows your fan to descend to an optimum height. Fan blades should be 8 to 9 inches, minimum of 7 inches, above the floor for safety and efficient air flow. For a large room, 14 feet or higher, you can select a 48-inch pole. Don't be afraid to think big when it comes to your ceiling fan. It can provide a focal point in a large room that might otherwise overwhelm you with empty space. And, pick up some good ceiling fan books or magazines to help find ideas.



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