Chandelier Light and Shade

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How bright should my chandelier lighting be?

Chandelier Light and Shade

Dining in dim lighting can be romantic...especially since too-bright lighting sometimes blacks out your food! This is definitely the case with dining room chandeliers. Here are a few chandelier tips:

  • Crystal chandeliers or contemporary chandeliers that throw light directly onto a person's face cast unflattering shadows, plus people like to be able to see what they're eating.
  • It may not be your spicy jambalaya that has your dinner guests perspiring—naked bulbs that hang directly overhead heat up the air around your dining room table.
  • Consider decorative chandelier lamp shades that add to the mood you want to create and filter the light. Try a two-tier chandelier that can distribute the light.
  • Don't hang that crystal chandelier too low, even in a high room. You want the focus to be on the conversation and your gourmet cuisine!



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