Chandelier Lightbulbs and Brightness

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How bright should my chandelier lighting be?

Chandelier Lightbulbs and Brightness

So, you've bought a chandelier and you're ready to hang it in your home. Just hang it up, right? Wrong. Chandeliers must be hung in an effective way to be utilized correctly. If you want to hang one, follow these chandelier tips:

  • Hanging a chandelier too low can create a large glare that will throw off the lighting.
  • Hanging a chandelier too high can make it appear out of place.
  • Hang at an appropriate height over furniture (you don't want your fixture hanging onto your dinner plate).



6/29/2011 12:39:55 PM
maurene fadal said:

I have an antique crystal chandelier that i have hung in the center of a formal bathroom with a 24 foot ceiling. It has a large entry door and picture window which the chandelier is centered between. I have been advised to hang it high and I don't feel it shows to its advantage. Is there a rule for how high or low a chandelier should be hung in the center of a room with an extremely high ceiling? I would like it to be seen easily without having to look up at it. Thank you for your advise.


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