Unique Crystal Chandeliers

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How do I choose a unique crystal chandelier?

Unique Crystal Chandeliers

All crystal chandeliers aren't the same. If you're tired of crystal chandelier clones, you can choose a chandelier with:

  • Amethyst crystal ornaments
  • Black diamond crystals and heirloom gold/applewood finish
  • Topaz crystal ornaments
  • Etruscan gold trim
  • Gold-bronze patina finished frame
  • Frosted glass candle sleeves or chandelier lamp shades
  • Ironwork frame

Contemporary chandeliers offer a wide range of options for the crystal chandelier connoisseur. Try contemporary chandeliers with crystal design such as the horizontal drop James R. Moder Crystal Pendant Chandelier. There are as many crystal chandelier designs as there are facets in a crystal chandelier...just don't try to count them all or you won't enjoy your chandelier!



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