Where Crystal Chandeliers Can't Shine

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Is there any place in the house I can't hang a crystal chandelier?

Where Crystal Chandeliers Can't Shine

You love crystal, and have dreamed of a crystal chandelier, especially one with gold or antique brass trim. However, when you try to hang Grandma's antique crystal chandelier, you discover it looks overly fussy in your casual dining room. Chandeliers should match your home decor and the room space. Some chandelier tips:

  • Don't pick antique brass for a casual, relaxed room, or the chandelier will look too formal.
  • If your dining room is eight feet tall, you need to hang a chandelier 30 to 34 inches above the dinette or dining room table.
  • If your dining room is more than 8 feet tall, mount the chandelier an additional three inches higher. A mass of crystal, especially with several dangling drop ornaments and low-hung uplights, can crowd the table.
  • Crystal chandeliers can work perfectly in your foyer. You can hang them halfway up the stairs. Even better: Install a crystal chandelier about knee-level of the upstairs landing.
  • Crystal chandeliers in a foyer, entryway, or lobby can be more "fussy" since they need to be wider or taller than dining room chandeliers so as not to appear too small.

on't mothball that crystal chandelier—it's a keepsake that will decorate your home for years to come.



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