Rustic Lighting Design

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How do I create a rustic lighting look outdoors in the city?

Rustic Lighting Design

Exterior Lighting Tips: You're not ready to buy that woodland cottage or mountain cabin, but you'd like to bring a touch of country to your condominium. We offer exterior lighting design tips to achieve that rustic look:

  • Nature-themed landscape lights for the front walk and garden can give the sense that squirrels scamper around. Hinkley's Squirrel and Acorn Landscape Lights are adorable outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • Pining for pine? The Tahoe Collection wall mounts, hanging lanterns and post mounts feature pine and pine cone illustrations. Pine-scented candles on the doorstep or pine boughs hung on or over doors accent your coniferous outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • Use moonlight exterior lighting design to create the appearance of a moonlit forest grove.
  • Conceal lights below or behind bushes so that it looks like you're seeing them on a country ridge at dusk.
  • Did you install rustic rugged wood shingles on your roof? Position floodlights or spotlights close to the wood.

Now you have that Thomas Kinkade homey effect. Even if you can't go off and find your Walden, you can create the simple life in the city.



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