I See The Party Lights

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Are decorative string lights just for parties?

I See The Party Lights

Exterior Lighting Tips: String outdoor lighting fixtures aren't just for barbecues and pool parties! You can enjoy string exterior lighting all year round. It's perfect accent outdoor lighting for decks, patios, verandas, gardens, as well as outdoor and even indoor porches. Try decorating your shrubs and trees with white Christmas lights to match the glow from your string lamps. String outdoor lighting is accentuated by a variety of shades:

  • Copper
  • White glass
  • Galvanized steel
  • Brass

Make sure that the area you're decorating is at least 50 feet long. You can trim the outer area or string lights in the rafters or on hooks near a sliding glass door. Consider getting insect-repellent bulbs, or flying pests will spoil the effect. Chinese lanterns are another unique aesthetic choice, and you don't have to save them for parties! Serve your famous Mongolian beef dish outdoors and pretend you're in Shanghai. Even if you can't party 24/7 (and who can?), you can look like you're always having fun.



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