Starry, Starry Night Your Only Light?

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How do I lower my outdoor lighting energy bills?

Starry, Starry Night Your Only Light?

Exterior Lighting Tips: Your indoor lighting bills are just about under control. Oh, no! You still have your exterior lighting to consider. Do you opt for a moonlight mood or dine under the stars by candlelight? While these choices are natural, not to mention romantic, they're not practical. Read these exterior lighting tips:

  • Outdoor lighting increases security, safety, and your home resale value. You can do all that without raising your energy bill.

Some low-energy outdoor lighting highlights:
  • Use an automatic timer or photocell that will turn lights on and off during off-peak times.
  • Use incandescent B lights or compact fluorescent bulbs, which cost more but last longer and produce more light more efficiently.
  • Use a 12-volt system, which you can tackle yourself and easily rearrange when you want to change your exterior lighting design to highlight your new pavers.

So as you can clearly see, it's no shot in the dark to conclude that you don't have to picnic under the stars for that special date...unless you want to.



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