Candlelight and Candle Sconces

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What are candle sconces and how do I use them?

Candlelight and Candle Sconces

Finding Wall Lamps: That medieval castle or Victorian torch look can be yours if you choose brass or gold filigree candle sconces. While you don't want to create a Liberace lighting effect, candle wall lamps can be fun in kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, and dining rooms.

Just make sure wax doesn't drip on the walls, and use a wide base to protect against wax and fire damage. A glass cover will give that hurricane lamp look. If candlelight is a bit too hazardous or, dare we say it, “old school” for you, the Candle Light Collection Wall Sconce has a "candle" shade lit from within by a 75-watt bulb. Still, for romance, candlelit dinners can't be beat.



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