Wide Double Wall Sconce Lighting

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What's the best placement for a wide double wall sconce?

Wide Double Wall Sconce Lighting

Finding Wall Lamps: You fell in love with those wide double bronzework wall sconces, but are they too ornate for your house? Not at all! Wide double bronzework wall sconces are ideal for the dining room, especially to showcase that side buffet with the gleaming crystal and china laid out for a family dinner or holiday party.

Flank the side buffet with double bronzework wall sconces on both ends. Bronze or iron sconce lighting adds elegance to modern decor. Wide double wall sconces may not work everywhere in the house. They add that grand hotel feeling to long hallways, but will be too heavy for bathrooms and some family rooms. They're superb in great rooms and may add romanticism to a large master bedroom.

*Try leaf motifs, which give the sconces symmetry. Alternate with single sconces… particularly in a large room. Double the sconces—double the fun!



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