Bedroom Wall Lamps and Task Lighting

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Are task-lighting wall lamps suitable for the bedroom?

Bedroom Wall Lamps and Task Lighting

Chronically sleep-deprived Americans read reports in bed, work on laptop computers, it any wonder that we choose brass swing-arm wall lamps that provide flexible task lighting? To sleep better, you may have to give up your contemporary steel and glass sconces that look terrific next to your entertainment center (TV in the bedroom is a no-no), but if you can't, a dimmer switch will dampen your enthusiasm for staying up late.

For people seeking to rest more easily and sleep deeply, traditional lighting may be the answer. You can keep the swing-arm lamp but replace the bulb with a lower wattage if possible or candle-shaped bulbs. Parchment shades create more of a subdued warm effect that makes you feel relaxed rather than revved up. Supplement your swingarm lamp with elaborate wall sconces that have multiple low-wattage light bulbs to soften the light level. Put down that techno-thriller, techno-budget, or crocheted scarf. Snuggle up to your sweetheart and enjoy the ambience.



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