Carrying a Torchiere

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How do I care for torchiere lamps?

Carrying a Torchiere

Floor Lamp Guide: So, you think torchiere lamps are just the coolest thing around? It's got to be the "torch" aspect. The torchiere classic floor lamp can come shaped like a wood nymph, which conjures up images of ancient Greek parties with gods drinking wine and eating ambrosia. Or your torchiere contemporary floor lamp can have five lights like a creature out of science fiction.

  • It's up to you to make sure the torch is always lit. Keep your torchiere halogen floor lamp supplied with the appropriate bulbs—consider it paying homage to the gods.
  • Keep that wood nymph beautiful—wipe the base and the lampshade with soft cloths. Don't use harsh chemical cleaners or your nymph might look too scantily clad!

You can enjoy the classical benefits of torchiere lamps for years to come with the right care. Keep the flame alive!



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