Classic Floor Lamps, Modern Times

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Can a classic floor lamp add character to my modern living room?

Classic Floor Lamps, Modern Times

Floor Lamp Guide: Your living room is so computerized you feel like you're living the life of the Jetsons. You have high-tech design and all-metal-and-white furnishings but something is missing—you're hesitant to get a contemporary floor lamp. Perhaps the times they are a-changing back to classic style? Even high-tech Silicon Valley geniuses need beauty and romanticism.

A classic floor lamp, say a Tiffany Art Glass Floor Lamp, or iron scroll floor lamps with trays satisfy an aesthetic need. A streamlined contemporary setting makes a classic floor lamp stand out in a good way. We're surrounded by so many sophisticated home elements that we don't know what to be impressed by. Simplicity and classic style can add harmony and focus. But you can't ignore the lure of your Blackberry and digital cable.

Shop online, buy a Kathy Ireland Grand European Torchiere Floor Lamp, then shut off all the high-tech devices and enjoy the pure beauty of light from your classic floor lamp.



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