Coordinated Table and Floor Lamp Sets

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Can I coordinate my table and floor lamp styles?

Coordinated Table and Floor Lamp Sets

Floor Lamp Guide: Your uncle bought that tropical floor lamp and placed it near a Tiffany table lamp. You still have nightmares that you've inherited bad taste. Not to worry. Take this advice:

  • To the rescue—four-piece traditional lamp sets with table lamps and a classic floor lamp. If you don't like the clone effect, try our suggestions for coordinating table lamps and floor lamps.
  • You can match a glass-and-bronze tropical contemporary floor lamp with bamboo-shaded table lamps.
  • A metallic halogen floor lamp pairs perfectly with brushed steel and antique silver table lamps.
  • Try a five-downlight floor lamp on one end of the couch and an octopi table lamp on the opposite end.

Now all you have to do is get rid of the avocado shag carpeting from the 1970s, a bigger decorating faux pas than your uncle's!



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