Dark Corners and Floor Lamps

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How do I eliminate dark corners with floor lamps?

Dark Corners and Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp Guide: Dark corners giving you that eerie don't-go-in-there-alone feeling? Don't scream, bring a torch…a torchiere, that is. Also follow this advice:

  • You need layers of light in a room. You have the recessed lighting, the uplights, the spotlights, the table lamps and wall sconces, plus dimmer switches. You have floor lamps too, but you think they're just for reading. Not so. The new trend in lighting design is to place floor lamps in dark corners, according to HGTV'S "Smart Design."
  • A classic floor lamp or contemporary floor lamp, torchiere or otherwise, will dispel shadows in corners where there isn't much general light. Be sure to choose a lamp with a fabric or glass shade that can focus light beams on the cornices and walls. A torchiere halogen floor lamp in particular bounces light up onto a ceiling and adds general illumination.
  • Try a fun handpainted bulb behind a white shade to dispel that fear of the dark.
  • So you like the eerie feeling? Choose a flicker bulb that gives that Phantom of the Opera candlelight-in-corners atmosphere. It still may be a good idea not to go in a dimly lit room alone. Look out behind you!



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