Floor Lamp and Table Combos

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Can you combine furniture and a floor lamp in one?

Floor Lamp and Table Combos

Floor Lamp Guide: You've just moved and you got rid of that great country end table in your family room. Unfortunately, your new family room is, as the real estate agent advertised, "cozy." What if there were a way you could combine that vital floor lamp with your country end table? As they say on television, "You can!"

A country casual oak table floor lamp combines a classic wooden base floor lamp with a sturdy table top and sometimes a magazine rack! Since you may feel as if you're in a country cottage and your TV (gasp) hasn't been hooked up yet, this is perfect—just you, your new table lamp, an easy chair and the paper. A great way to reduce moving stress!

Most of your lighting isn't installed either, so you'll be happy to know that many furniture floor lamp combos include a night light—great for quieting your kids when they wonder why in the world you ever moved here. Now, while you sit near your new floor lamp, you wonder if your new neighbors always play their music this loud. Maybe it's time to invite them over so they can exclaim over how you've made the place so homey since you moved in two days ago!



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