Hip To Be Square Floor Lamps

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I want an unusual floor lamp, what are my choices?

Hip To Be Square Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp Guide: Elvis sang "You're so square, baby, I don't care." Then in the 1980s, Huey Lewis and the News belted out, "It's hip to be square." Square floor lamps are hip too, every bit as welcome in a room as the rounded variety.

Many a contemporary floor lamp and classic floor lamp combines round lampshades with square bases. The contrast is inspired! We especially like the Mission style floor lamps with square geometric lines. Square-base floor lamps frame an easy chair, echoing the straightness of the chair back, while round lampshades gently shine reading light on your face and lap. A halogen floor lamp with a square base positioned near a window (just be careful if it's a torchiere) duplicates the geometric lines of the window.

The symmetry is visually pleasing and the extra light is a comfort at night. Elvis thought it was cool to be square, and so did Huey Lewis and the News. In a rock band's mansion, or in Graceland, you can bet square-base floor lamps would be hip too.



9/30/2007 4:45:10 PM
Floor Lamps said:

Found some nice floor lamps with square shade and bases at Home Lighting Plus. Their price are pretty good too.


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