The Right Height For Reading

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How high should a floor lamp be to give me reading light?

The Right Height For Reading

Floor Lamp Guide: Your modern floor lamp is so close to your head you're starting to sweat like the innocent falsely accused hero of the crime novel you're engrossed in. You may be in too high a chair. Your typical halogen floor lamp is 60-62 inches high. Most recliners are, on average, 40 inches high, so that the light from your classic floor lamp can spread warmly over your gripping biography or newspaper.

Many floor lamps are adjustable, and with swing-arm function, you can vary the position of the lamp. On the other hand, the double pharmacy halogen floor lamp design can adjust from 35 inches to 55 inches. Keep the 40-inch benchmark in mind when you're choosing the right height. You can shine the lower arm on your lap if you're studying calculus, but make sure you're getting uncomfortable trying to memorize the material rather than trying to cope with a floor lamp that's the wrong height.

So, if that Stephen King novel has you suddenly hot and frightened, you've probably jumped out of your chair and come too close to the light bulb.



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