Grazing in the Kitchen

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Can I use grazing to highlight the handmade tiles on kitchen walls?

Grazing in the Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting Tips: You graze all the time from the bowls of fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts you've placed in handy locations. But did you ever think of tile grazing? The exterior lighting technique of grazing, positioning light to highlight an interesting surface, can work in the kitchen.

For example, in an alcove with hand-painted tiles you bought in Portugal, you can place recessed lights in the arch to showcase the traditional artistry. Recessed kitchen light in soffits above a tiled wall highlight the tile surface, especially with intricate designs. Don't use grazing on smooth surfaces. Varied or raised surfaces catch the light better. Your family may be so interested in the light and shade on the tile that they won't notice you've eaten all the oranges!



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