Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Lighting

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I've heard underlights can burn kitchen cabinets, is this true?

Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Tips: You might worry that the burnt odor wafting from your kitchen might be because your undercabinet lights are too hot. No such luck—better check your chocolate souffle. While fluorescent lights do generate a good deal of heat, undercabinet kitchen light design guards against fire hazards. Energy-efficient fluorescent kitchen lighting fixtures are used regularly in kitchens without incident.

Hot Kitchen Lighting Design Tip: For under-countertop/kitchen island lighting, you can use several Kichler undercabinet lights with efficient Xenon bulbs in place of one long light, or Kichler offers 22-inch lights. For countertop surface kitchen lighting, mount fluorescent light fixtures (12-24 inches in length, 2/3 of the total counter length) beaneath the cabinets. Be sure to position these kitchen light fixtures as close to the back of the cabinets, flush with the back end of the counter, to avoid surface glare.

Lighting for kitchens isn't intended to be dangerous. For example, you can use low-voltage mini-can lights over, under, or inside cabinets without fear. Alas, it looks as if your souffle is burned beyond recognition. Perhaps better lighting will save your next confection.



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