Kitchen Light Bulbs

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What bulbs should I buy for kitchen lighting fixtures?

Kitchen Light Bulbs

Kitchen Lighting Tips: We've all been told that we need to save energy. My answer to that has always been, "I save energy—my favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations." Energy efficiency is wonderful in lighting for kitchens, but if you have Energy Star kitchen appliances, you can splurge a little on the chandelier above the kitchen dining nook.

Chandelier kitchen lighting fixtures with incandescent light bulbs add ambience and coziness to an eating area. Fluorescent, xenon, and halogen bulbs add the energy-saving muscle to ambient, recessed and track lighting. They don't leak so much heat that you want to get out of the kitchen. Try halogen bulbs in pendant accent kitchen lighting for butcher blocks and kitchen islands. Then there's the choice of decorative accent kitchen light. Typically, you'll buy candelabra bulbs and regular household bulbs.

Don't forget mini-can bulbs for cabinet lighting. You can still make reservations, but it might be a little harder now that you can cook at home and save the planet too!



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