Lighting For Pots and Pans

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What lighting is best for the stove or sink?

Lighting For Pots and Pans

Kitchen Lighting Tips: If your dishes are greasy even after you wash them twenty times, you may need new lighting over the sink area… If you added pepper when you meant to add cardamom to your stew, it's either time to throw out your recipe or your stove lighting… The right kitchen lighting fixtures make all the difference. Install one or two track lights over the sink so you can see the dried grease on your Calphalon saucepan.

Add a single recessed downlight, equipped with energy-efficient bulb and dimmer, dead center over the sink. Now you have no excuses when your roasting pan isn't completely spotless. Your oven light by itself can't provide enough kitchen light for making stew or cooking that roast. Install another recessed downlight near where you'll be standing. You can also place recessed lighting in soffits, dropped sections of ceiling over the stove and sink walls. The downside to this lighting upgrade: nobody will volunteer to help you with the dishes since you'll get them so clean!



9/20/2006 6:32:41 AM
Simon said:

We have 8 spots in our kitchen, one oven the kitchen sink, a light pointing at the stove and one pointing towards the chopping board.


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