Pantry Lighting

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Do I light my pantry the same way I do my bedroom closets?

Pantry Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Tips: If you can't see the peaches you packed in a Mason jar three years ago or find the blender, your pantry lighting needs an upgrade. In general, pantry kitchen lighting, like upstairs walk-in closet lighting, needs to be direct and strong so you can see what you've stored on the shelves. There's no room for dimmers on pantry kitchen light fixtures. If you have a large walk-in pantry, you'll need more than one recessed ceiling kitchen light.

Typically, a pantry kitchen light is either an old-style glaring white fluorescent bar or an overly large blinding globe. You can try different bulbs for globe downlights—halogen lighting or newer fluorescents work well. You may not be able to replace that old-style fluorescent kitchen lighting fixture, but you can opt for newer bulbs that don't glare and make noise. The whole point of pantry kitchen lighting is to find food and appliances with ease. Once you've updated the lighting, if you still can't find those peaches or that blender, it's time to clean out the pantry.



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