Reflections on Kitchen Lighting

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How do I create more artificial light in my kitchen?

Reflections on Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Tips: You held out for a stainless steel fridge and other metal fixtures, including any high-tech kitchen lighting fixture you could find, ordered glossy ceramic tile for the splash behind the sink and stove, and even used a mirrored wall in the in-kitchen breakfast nook. Congratulations. You just passed Kitchen Lighting Design 101 with flying colors. You can't always cook with natural light, especially if you get home after 7 p.m.

In IT'S YOUR KITCHEN, kitchen design expert Joan Kohn suggests that reflective surfaces amplify the artificial light in a kitchen, making your kitchen light look brighter and your overall cooking space seem larger. Even if you have dark tones such as cherry wood or mocha granite countertops, your kitchen will look fully lighted and expansive. And of course, don't forget to display plenty of stainless steel cookware to catch the light.

What? You don't cook? Guess it's time for Cooking 101...or you could just become a kitchen designer specializing in lighting for kitchens.



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