Lampshade Fittings

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How do I resize my lamp shade for my table lamp or chandelier?

Lampshade Fittings

Lamp Shade Guide: Spider. Uno. They both sound like card games, bands, viruses, software, Web sites...until you add clip-on. All guesses are off. Spider, uno, and clip-on are the three lampshade fittings that fasten the lampshade to the bulb. Whether you use fabric, metal, crystal, or glass lamp shades, you'll be buying one of the three fittings as part of the package. And one fitting does not fit all! There are marked differences in the three.

  • Spider: The most common fitting, usually used with a harp that can boost the lampshade height. Often has risers attached to the harp to resize the lampshade. Found in lampshades for wall lamps and table lamps.
  • Uno: Doesn't need a harp, since it's usually found on smaller bedise table lamps swing-arm wall lamps. Attaches the shade directly to the lamp socket.
  • Clip-On: Clips on to chandelier bulbs and secures chandelier lamp shades. Also fastens on to bulbs in smaller accent lamps. When buying replacement lamp shades, make a note of what fitting your old lampshades have.

Once you have your refitted lamp shades, sit down in the light and talk with your kids about their favorite bands while playing Uno.



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