Metal Chandelier Shades

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Do dark metal lampshades enhance chandelier lighting?

Metal Chandelier Shades

Lamp Shade Guide: You want metal lamp shades but worry that there might be a medieval Black Knight effect. After all, it was usually dark in those castles. One of the biggest considerations in choosing a lampshade is how it will direct the light. This is doubly true for chandelier lamp shades.

Fortunately, chandelier lampshades are completely tailored to chandeliers just as candelabra bulbs are. Still, you think, dark metal shades restrict light and cast too much of a pall. Dark metal shades look too heavy. Not so. Kathy Ireland's ACafe Country Tuscany Square Chandelier matches copper finish metal chandelier lamp shades with European-style antique gold and copper finish on the base and sockets.

For added illumination in metal chandelier lamp shades, try pinhole trim on the top and base of metal lampshades, which you'll find on the Metal Shade Island Chandelier. Dark metal-framed glass lamp shades for your chandelier are an alternative if you're into heavy metal (shades, that is) but dislike lampshades with more armor than "Camelot."



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