The Bulb's So Bright I Need New Lamp Shades

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How do I avoid glare from my glass lamp shades?

The Bulb's So Bright I Need New Lamp Shades

Lampshade Guide: You're blindingly brilliant...on second thought, that may just be your white glass or clear crystal/glass lamp shades coupled with too-high-intensity light bulbs. You know, of course, that too-transparent chandelier lamp shades don't go together with high-wattage candelabra bulbs.

Table lamps and floor lamps are no different. In the case of desk lamps, the shade isn't as important as the brightness of the bulb, but you still don't want glare interfering with your work. Most clear glass lamp shades are designed with a particular wattage in mind to eliminate glare.

For example, a Waterford Crystal table lamp comes with standard 60-watt bulbs. The Alexander-John Torchiere Table Lamp takes a frosted candelabra bulb. Show off your brilliance and choose the correct bulb for your crystal/glass lamp shades.



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