Dimmer Switch

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Do I need special wiring to connect a residential dimmer switch?

Dimmer Switch

We've all seen a dimmer switch before but do we really need to set our home lighting on a dimmer? Well, that all depends on how versatile you want your lighting quality to be. These devices be put in any room of the house (bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, etc.). The beauty of them is that they can change dimmers can change the type of light given off at any time.

In the bathroom, for example, a dimmer allows you to have direct task lighting when doing intricate tasks such as applying make-up and shaving. But, the lighting can be made softer for say, providing a night light so you can find your way through the bathroom in the middle of the night without getting blinded. In the bedroom, a dimmer enables you to change from direct lighting for reading, to soft lighting for hanging out and watching television.

Want some lighting advice? Invest in a dimmer and give your rooms multiple personalities.



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