No Dimmer Switch Required

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What rooms don't need a dimmer switch?

No Dimmer Switch Required

Lighting Advice: You're not a dimbulb, but you just don't think dimmer switches belong everywhere. That's a bright notion! If you have a white downlight Kichler ceiling light or pendant light in a room such as the closet, you don't need a dimmer switch. The whole point of closet lighting is to be able to see your clothes. In the wrong light, you can mistake navy blue for black.

Lighting should prevent a fashion faux pas. A recessed or surface-mounted linear closet light should show you how many pairs of shoes you have without you needing to tone down the light. Unless you're embarrassed about the ring around your tub, you don't need a dimmer switch for your halogen lighting or incandescent lighting in the bathroom. Bathroom home lighting should suit the task of dressing, washing and primping. As a rule, a dimmer switch belongs in a room where you need atmosphere or greater control over the light level.



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