Right Track for Kids Lighting

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What's the best lighting for my daughter's bedroom?

Right Track for Kids Lighting

Kids love trains and tracks, so why not invest in track home lighting for playrooms and bedrooms? You can adjust, swivel, and rotate Juno lighting to give your children the right light for homework and play. A dimmer switch gives you more control over the right lighting to preserve their eyes. Make sure to include table lamps and other lighting at floor level--this helps your kids see the messes they make, and you might even find their school clothes in the morning! An undercabinet light may work well for dressers.

Older kids may want to move track lighting toward that killer stereo system or beanbag chair area where they hang out with their friends. If your children have a computer in the room (which you're monitoring, right?), track lighting works well to save your kids' eyes from the glare of the computer screen. In the meantime, track lighting will be perfect when your little engineer crawls around playing with hobby model trains.



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