College Dorm Decor

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What light bulbs do I buy for my lava lamp?

College Dorm Decor

So, your little darling is finally off to college. Before you head home to your empty nest, however, help your little college student set up his or her new nest. The main point of going to college is to get an education (try telling that to your youngin'). So, make sure that you fill the room with plenty of lighting for all of those reading and studying sessions.

Since attaching things to the dorm wall probably isn't an option, invest in some table lamps. Pick out smaller models that won't occupy too much space but will give off a good bit of light. A lava lamp is a really good option. Lava lamps are slender and take up minimal space. And, lava lamps are pretty hip and can add a funky feel to your kid's room. Now, just throw in a couple of butterfly chairs and a throw rug and your college student can study in well-lit style.



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