Forget The Lava Lamp, Man

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Should I buy lava lamps to decorate my house?

Forget The Lava Lamp, Man

Table Lamp Guide: You wouldn't put a lava lamp in the middle of a traditional Victorian-furnished room. That's a no-brainer, man. Where else are funkadelic glow-in-the-dark modern table lamps considered uncool?

  • A lava lamp just isn't practical in the kitchen—where you don't want to be distracted and where a lava lamp might easily break. They are fragile, and you don't want a toxic spill from the mercury lava lamps.
  • Dining room lighting typically focuses attention on fine china, conversation, and oh yes, the food. Stick with a classic table lamp and leave the lava lamp for the family room.

Lava lamps are wild, but it's hip to use common sense.



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