Retro Cool and Lava Lamps

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Should I buy lava lamps to decorate my house?

Retro Cool and Lava Lamps

Table Lamp Guide: Lava lamps didn't disappear with bell bottoms and flower power. We were going to say disco, but disco hasn't died, and neither have lava lamps. Best of all, they're not just for some cool cat's beat pad studio apartment in the Village. They're modern, not Mod Squad.

  • Red-Hot Lava Tip: Pair a Volcano Lava Lamp on a table with a Volcano Motion Torchiere Floor Lamp on the opposite side of the room or easy chair for maximum cool. It's perfect while you're reading books about Bob Dylan or poetry by Allen Ginsberg.
  • Boiling Hot Lava Tip: For added funk, try the Two-Arm Medusa Motion Table Lamp. Like the Medusa of legend, this lava lamp will freeze you in your tracks as you watch it for hours. Now there's a bizarre mind trip!

Vesuvius Eruption Hot Lava Tip: Place a motion lava lamp wherever you want a conversation piece. Don't overwhelm the room with them, especially the bedroom--just one will do. Watching the lava motion can actually soothe you to sleep, so you're as mellow as a hippie after Woodstock.



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