Boy's Bedroom Table Lamps

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What are good table lamps for a boy's bedroom?

Boy's Bedroom Table Lamps

Table Lamp Guide: When you were eight, did you pay attention to your table lamps? Unless they were racing lamps or Star Wars lamps, probably not. However, the modern table lamp has evolved beyond superheroes and space age. Speaking of space age, an Amber Moon Accent Light contemporary table lamp is great for that aspiring astronaut (girls too!) Anything that isn't frilly or feminine (though some guys do like butterflies) will probably go over well.

On the dresser, you might even include a lava lamp—it's so fascinating that your sons will even forget about computers, video games, and Harry Potter books. They'll fall asleep watching the lava lamp. An evening of peace and quiet = priceless. So, even though you didn't look closely at your table lamps when you were eight, you're thinking about them now. This makes you appreciate your parents more, doesn't it?



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