Table This: Table Lamps in the Home Office

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What's the best placement for table lamps in my home office?

Table This: Table Lamps in the Home Office

Table Lamp Guide: You've gotten rid of those banker's lamps because they were giving you a savings and loan feel. But what contemporary table lamp is best for the important tasks of your life and your small business? How do you avoid being distracted by your table lamp--as it is, you're battling snacking urges, IMs from friends who think you don't really work, and interruptions from the kids. Your table lamp should be the last thing you concentrate on. Some tips from our home office:

  • Choose an adjustable table lamp for additional lighting on the desk and keyboard. We like the Adjustable height Bronze Finish contemporary table lamp or a swing-arm modern table lamp.
  • Right-handed? Place your desk lamp on the left side to avoid shadows on the paper. Slender shades and bulbs allow you to place a table lamp on either side of your desk. The lights from the table lamps will intersect, creating a spotlight ambience.
  • Save your eyes! Don't think a super-bright halogen or CFL bulb in your table lamp is enough if you're working late at night and trying not to disturb anyone. You can close the door.

If you're worried about the overall light level, make use of the dimmer switch. Now that your table lamp problems are solved, you're left with one more question: Can I deduct them as a business expense?



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