Too-Elaborate Table Lamps

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What table lamps are too elaborate for a bedside or end table?

Too-Elaborate Table Lamps

Table Lamp Guide: Your family or significant other complains they're up to their ears in flowers, and you don't even garden. It could be the three-uplight flower motif contemporary table lamp, or two or three, that you talk to just as if it were a real flower (you're allergic to pollen, after all.) If it's not flowers, it's got to be Tiffany. You love Tiffany style lamps. The problem is, however, your local church groups want to meet at your house because you have more stained glass than Chartres Cathedral...and that's just in the bedroom!

  • Table lamps can be too elaborate for everyday use. A good table lamp should enhance your decor, not overwhelm.
  • When buying a rococo, baroque, candelabra, or urn-style contemporary table lamp, place it on a bedside or end table with few other knickknacks. It should stand alone. It's more striking that way, especially in the bedroom.
  • A well-placed pair of matching table lamps has more of a dramatic and pleasing effect than five or six Tiffany style lamps clustered in the room.
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match. A carved porcelain classic table lamp with a tasseled fabric lampshade can contrast with a crystal clear column contemporary table lamp with a simple white lampshade on the opposite end of the room.
  • As for the flower lamps...less is more. Besides, maybe it's time to bring real flowers into your home...there's always Claritin, which you can buy when you're making trips to the drugstore to buy light bulbs (although not too many) for your tasteful table lamps.



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