Belgian Antique Lamp and Lampshade Size

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I have a small antique Belgian glass lamp that I need to buy a shade for. How do I size the shade properly so that it's neither too small nor too large?

Belgian Antique Lamp and Lampshade Size

Your antique Belgian glass lamp needs a lampshade that's roughly 3/4 the height of the lamp base. The shade should be 2 to 3 inches shorter than the base, so set your prospective shade next to the base. When you test the shade on the base, make sure the shade covers the bulb--you want the antique Belgian glass to shine the most!

Make sure you know the measurements of the shade:

1) top diameter
2) bottom diameter
3) height
4) drop, or how the shade fits on the lamp base

It's usually best to take your lamp to a lighting store to compare lampshade heights. What looks ideal online may be too small for your antique Belgian glass treasure once you try it on for size. Don't forget to ask the lighting experts in the lighting store for advice. Also, antiques experts may have some helpful hints.



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