Pot Rack Lights

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I want to put a pot rack in my kitchen but I need to remove my ceiling fan ,which has a light fixture in it, and I would like a light that would fit in the middle of the pot rack. Any ideas ? Betty

Pot Rack Lights

Thinking of installing a pot rack chandelier for its attractiveness and handy kitchen-utensil organization? If you need to remove a kitchen fan that includes a light fixture, you've probably gotten used to the light fixture and want to use it in your pot rack.

Many pot rack chandeliers include their own lights that may or may not fit your existing light fixture. The easiest way to install a light in the middle of the pot rack is to choose one that has a light in the center.

Make sure that the pot rack light you choose provides the right lighting for your kitchen tasks. Consider installing a dimmer, no matter what light you choose.

Tip: When you're replacing a ceiling fan with a pot rack, remember that pot racks are heavy fixtures, and any light you choose may need extra reinforcement depending on the pot rack weight.



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