Help With Pendant Track Lighting

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We are looking to hang track pendants in our kitchen. We need to span 8' with track. We want to use a Line voltage track. Where do we look for this lenght of track, can we choose any 120v pendant light we like and modify it to attach to a track? Are tracks compatible or what track should we use?

Help With Pendant Track Lighting

If you want to install 8' pendant track lighting with a line voltage track, you may think your design options are limited.

You can purchase several kinds of decorative glass or basic track 120v pendant light fixtures and attach them to an 8' line (or low) voltage track. Line voltage tracks with halogen lighting are terrific because they require no transformer. You can even order flexible rail track systems to suit your lighting requirements and your decor (although several of these require low-voltage bulbs).

Typically, your lighting store or home improvement store will have a variety of tracks available and pendant light fixtures. You can attach stem supports at any point along the track length to strengthen the track, and can trim stem supports until your pendant track hangs at the desired length above the surface you're lighting.

Tip: Remember when you're hanging your track lighting that pendant lights should be hung about thirty inches from a table or countertop.



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