Ceiling Fan Light Wiring

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How can I install a new ceiling fan?

Ceiling Fan Light Wiring

Before you add a ceiling fan to a room, make sure the electrical box is capable of supporting a new ceiling fan light fixture. Unless you are replacing an old ceiling fan, this will probably mean installing a new box that attaches to or hangs from a joist for extra support to handle the increased motion and weight of the fan. If the resulting work leaves a visible hole, you can use a decorative medallion to cover the spot.

Be sure to wrap the cable's bare copper wire around the grounding screw inside the electrical box. Hold the fan's mounting plate up to the hole and pull the wires through the center hole. Then attach the plate to the box with screws.

Now return to ground level and put the fan on a floor or table. Pull the wires from the motor up through the canopy, then through the down-rod pipe.

Hook one side of the canopy onto the ceiling plate. Then use twist-on connectors to hook the two green wires to the bare wire coming down from the cable. Connect black wire to black wire and white wire to white wire. Then swing the fan up into position and secure it in place.

There! You're done with the ceiling fan light wiring. Finish assembling the fan blades and light, following the manufacturer's instructions.



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