Outdoor Christmas Lights

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What are some creative Christmas lighting ideas?

Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you're one of those enthusiasts who likes to celebrate the holiday season by lighting every bit of the house and every twig on the lawn, you need to check out the wonder that is LED outdoor lighting. LEDs are more expensive to buy, but durable, weatherproof, many times brighter than ordinary lights, don't get hot when they burn, and last up to 200,000 hours. Enough of these and even passing planes will be able to read "MERRY XMAS" outlined on your roof!

Other ideas for using garden string lights for a festive holiday effect:

  • Many people today like to use all white lights. Why not do something different and make yours all red instead?
  • Use an extension pole to hang lights on trees that are taller than your ladder can safely reach.
  • For a craft project, consider making a wire wreath and festooning it with lights to hang at the entrance to your property.
  • If you crave holiday lights, but lack the time or self-confidence to hang them yourself, there are companies that specialize in putting up Christmas lighting displays. If you have older or ill family members who love the holidays, and you can't be there to put up the lights yourself, consider giving them a visit from a professional. Two visits, really -- one to put up the lights and one to take them down, organize them and put them away for next year.



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