Unusual Lampshade Materials

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What are some ways to dress up a boring lampshade?

Unusual Lampshade Materials

Tired of the same old white and cream cloth shades? Try unusual lampshades material to shed a different light on your room!

  • A metal lamp shade can be very elaborate or very plain. One look that works in "country" decor is the perforated tin shade, with the holes arranged to form an attractive design.
  • A beaded lamp shade is a guaranteed attention-getter. Use clear beads with metal wire for a modern look, or string colored beads on nylon or silk with loops and fringes for an over-the-top touch of rococo.
  • Fiberglass lampshades call up images of the "futuristic" shades of the 1950s, often displayed in unusual shapes, like layered rectangles. Great for a retro room.
  • A leather lampshade is just the thing for a Wild West-themed space.



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