Floor Lamp Styles

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What kind of floor lamp would go best with my decor?

Floor Lamp Styles

Whatever your decorating style, there's a floor lamp to meet your needs. Here are a few of the options:

  • Black floor lamps look best in offices, kitchens or other no-nonsense working areas.
  • Brass floor lamps are bright, but also carry a sense of formality. They look good in a living room or guest room.
  • Bronze floor lamps tend to blend in, providing a tasteful but not attention-getting touch. Good practically anywhere.
  • Chrome floor lamps provide a modern sensibility combined with a sense of solidity. Good for dining rooms and bathrooms.
  • Gooseneck floor lamps speak of modernity, and work best when they are at their most functional, in studies and kids' rooms.
  • Stained glass floor lamps are beautiful and attention-getting, with a touch of retro style, and can be used as one of the focal points of a room.



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