Decorative Light Bulbs

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What kinds of bulbs can I use for decorative effects?

Decorative Light Bulbs

Decorative light bulbs can add a stylish touch to your rooms. A traditional dining room might use flame-shaped bulbs in a chandelier. Some of these bulbs have a "flicker" effect meant to simulate a burning candle. These can annoy the eye quickly, so if you use them, make them an accent rather than the primary source of light in the room.

Another noteworthy light bulb quality is the "temperature" of the light it produces. "Cool" bulbs produce a strong, bright white with blue overtones, good for task work; "warm" bulbs shed a yellower light which may make a room seem warmer and is more suited to social areas.

If there is too great a difference between the lighting at your local home-decorating store and the lighting in your house, it may be very hard to match colors accurately. Try to get a sample chip or piece of whatever you're thinking of buying, and look at it carefully in your house, under your normal lighting, before making a final decision.



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